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Company News About WHAT IS A SCARIFIER?
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Latest company news about WHAT IS A SCARIFIER?


The Most Aggressive Effective Way For Surface Preparation


In general, there are total three ways for surface prep work, grinding/shotblasting, scabblign and scarifying. Each are suitable for different surface profile,which is measured from CSP 1 to CSP 9. It is very important to know the purpose of your job before choosing the most appropriate tool.

Among those prep methods, grinders and shot blasters are a better choice for light tasks. And floor scarifiers and scabblers (or called as floor planners and milling machines) are designed for heavier and more efficient work by using really sharp tool and really cutting.


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The scarifier, also called floor planners and milling machines, categorize in different types.

According to working methods, it includes self-propelled scarifiers, handheld scarifiers and manual push walk-behind scarifiers.

According to engergy, it includes Air Powered Scarifier,Electric Scarifier or Gas Powered/Gasoline/Petrol Scarifiers.

There are a lot of brands and different types floor planners for choice, such as EDCO CPM8, CPL8, CPM10; KutRite KR8HD Scarifier, KutRite KR10 Scarifier, KutRite KR13 Scarifier; SASE SC8E, SASE SC10E and SASE SC12E; Blastrac BMP-215 SCARIFIER,BMP-265 SCARIFIE and BMP-335 SCARIFIER;Trelawny DECK SCALER TFP 200 RANGE,FLOOR SCARIFIER TFP 260 RANGE and FLOOR SCARIFIER TFP 320 RANGE; Bartell SPE BEF200 Multiplane, Bartell SPE BEF275 Multiplane, and Bartell SPE BEF320 Multiplane and etc.



Basically every scarifiers has a core cage,including drum shaft , sets of replacement accessories wheel cutters and spacers.


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The drum assembly works by striking hard on the floor surface at very fast speed. The multi-pointed cutting cutters rotates at high speed,chipping forcefully, and leaving an abrasive surface for further overlays. During this process, the cutting depth can be adjusted through the machines. And different optional interchangeable cutting wheels tool can be chosen according to the profile level you aim to achieve.



The cutters on the drum shafts are replaceable and interchangeable tool and very essential during contractors job. The more aggressive tools chosen, and the more cutters used, the more effective your job will be. Below are some useful tips on how to choose correct cutters for your job?


  • TCT Tungsten Carbide Cutters or Flails:

The cutters come in multi-points, ranging from 5pt/6pt/8pt/12pt in different dimensions. With hardened steel cutter body and long working life carbide tips, work great for the removal of all heavy task of surface removal, such as bridge deck and car park membranes, heavy industrial contamination, epoxy coatings and road markings.


  • Steel Beam Cutters and Star Cutters:

The cutters come with heat treated steel body and work great for light tasks, such as removal of paint, laitance and coatings from floors and removing grease, dirt and ice deposits when light scabbling of concrete and a fine textured surface required.


  • Carbide Tipped Milling Cutters:

The cutters are tungsten carbide tipped, with 5pt and 6pt in different dimension suiting different tools, perfect for removal of thermoplastic road and runway markings, also has great come out on the removal of bituminous and rubber deposits.

If you still have no idea or not sure which tool to choose for your work, please do not hesitate to contact with us for help.


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