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Sp8 Surface Planers Grinders 6 Tip Scarifier Cutters For Flooring Surface Treatment

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: xinhe
Model Number: Y1006
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Carton Package Or Plastic Box
Delivery Time: Normally 3-5 Working Days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 200,000+pcs+per month
Type: 6 Point Carbide Cutters Dimension: 1 3/4” Od X 5/8” Idx 1/4” Thick
Weight: 0.048 Kg/pcs Hardness: 46-55 HRC
Manufacturing: Heat Treatment Delivery Time: Instant Delivery For Standard Tools
Coating: Zinc Protective Coating Materials: Premium Carbide Steel And Tips
Color: Silver White Drum Complete Set: 84 Pcs TCT /set Or 100pcs TCT /set
Average Life: 6000 To 8000 Square Feet Fit: Surface Planers Grinders
Application: Flooring Surface Treatment Replaceable: Full Steel Stars Or Milling Cutters
High Light:

6 Tip Scarifier Cutters


Surface Planers Grinders Scarifier Cutters


6 Point Carbide Cutters

Versatile 6tp Carbide Tungsten Cutters Spare Drum Assemblies On Edco Cpm-4, Com-8, Cpm-10

We offer durable accessories and spare parts for concrete scarifiers, concrete scarifying machines,concrete planers milling machines, floor grinders and scabblers.ranging from TCT tungsten carbide cutters/flails,milling cutters,scabbler bits, full steel star and beam cutters and other ODM accessories, perfectly compatible with brands EDCO, Bartell BEF,Blastrac,SASE,Airtec, Trelawny TFP planers, Kindex,Scanmaskin and other scarifiers and floor planers.

To assist you fastly for right tools, pls advise below:
-concrete scarifiers/ floor planers brand and model
-drum shaft diameter
-cutter O.D*I.D and tip number

Below are the standard sheet to help you to choose the correct tools for your scarifiers floor planers:

Scarifier type
standard accessories
qty each set
Compatible scarifiers
6" scarifiers
150mm planers
5pt TCT carbide flails
5 teeth milling cutters
76pcs TCT /set
84pcs TCT/set
20-40pcs milling/set
Von Arx® - FR200
Von Arx® - VA25 - 12mm
Airtec® - RT - 2000
SASE® - SC10E - 12mm
MK® - SGII / SG5 / SG9
Sase® - SC8E
Bartell® - SP8
Bartell®BEF 200
General Equipment® - SP8
Kut-Rite® - KR8
Blastrac BMP-215 SCARIFIER
Trelawny TFP 200 RANGE
8" scarifiers
200mm planers
5pt TCT carbide flails
6pt TCT carbide flails
6pt TCT Flat Face flails
5 teeth milling cutters
76pcs TCT/set
84pcs TCT/set
100pcs TCT/set
About 40pcs Milling/set
10" scarifiers
250mm planers
6pt TCT carbide flails
8pt TCT carbide flails
8pt TCT Flat Face flails
5 teeth milling cutters
105pcs TCT/set
108pcs TCT/set
120pcs TCT/set
About 40pcs Milling/set
Kut-Rite® - KR10
Sase® - SC10E - 9/16"
Edco® - CPM-10 - 5/8"
EGM 25-10
Husqvarna® - CG 200 S - 1/2"
Blastrac - BMP-265 SCARIFIER
Airtec - RT - 2500
Airtec - RT - 2500 Duo
Airtec - RT 3200
Airtec - RM 320
12" scarifiers
300mm planers
6pt TCT carbide flails
8pt TCT carbide flails
6 teeth milling cutters
108pcs TCT/set
120pcs TCT/set
160pcs TCT/set
About 40pcs Milling/set
14" scarifiers
350mm planers
8pt TCT carbide flails
12pt TCT carbide flails
6 teeth milling cutters
100~230pcs TCT /set
About 40pcs Milling/set
Edco® - CPU-12
Sase® - SC12E
Von Arx® - VA30
Trelawny-SCARIFIER TFP 320
Edco® - CPU-10FC
Airtec® - RT 3200
Airtec® - RM 320
Blastrac - BMP-335 SCARIFIER
Various tool replacement optional:
Standard Tooling:
complete drum loaded with hmt-5.40 carbide 5-pin cutter
• designed for thin and hard material removal
• applications include: Roughening, abrading, leveling, grooving, bulk concrete removal, high spot removal, curled joints, thick coating and over-layment removal
complete drum loaded with tmo-7.15 solid carbide milling cutter
• designed for the removal of thick and soft thermoplastics, line stripes, traffic markings on concrete and asphalt
complete drum loaded with tsr-5.5 star wheel/solid carbide
• designed for the removal of thin and hard materials
• applications include: Removal of paint, coatings, adhesive removal, plastic coatings, and dirt; light concrete preparation
• these star wheel cutters leave a "Shot blasted like" Profile.
Where to use
General cleaning of concrete and asphalt surfaces.*
Traffic line removal.
Paint and light coatings removal.
Adhesives removal.
Stripping of compacted dirt, grease and oil deposits.
De-rusting, de-scaling on ship decks.
Why choose us
Versatile; do most jobs.
Leave an extremely smooth surface.
Last longer, save downtime vs. other steel cutters.
Especially effective on layered dirt and grease.
Available in blunt or sharp tooth configurations.
Fit all machines.
If you are a construction contractors or tool rental company,  we will be able to provide all kinds of tools replacement for your concrete milling scarifiers, floor grinding machines or floor planers for you. For any technical data or help, pls contact us at email: right now and we will reply within 24 hours.

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